Jeff Torok

Part-Time Staff, Warehouse Management, Deliveries

In 2011 Something would happen to alter the course of Jeff and his wife Jessica drastically to put them on a life changing path. They would be told that they would not be able to conceive a child of their own. Jeff had always felt a calling to adoption and this affirmed this blessing for both him and Jessica. Since that time Jeff and Jessica have fostered 10 children and adopted 3; ranging from new born to sixteen.  God of course, gifted them with 1 bio child as well. Now that their home is full; with 4 kids in total. Jeff and Jessica have put foster care on hold for a little while.  James Storehouse has been a way to continue to serve in the foster community for Jeff.   

“It has been a blessing and truly a gift to serve in this community under the James Storehouse name”. – Jeff Torok