Shelley Smith

Board member, Grant Writer

Shelley came to California in 1998 from Michigan to join a pioneering biotechnology company.  Twenty years later she is leading holistic learning and performance strategies for Research and Development at Amgen.  Shelley received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University and her M.S.H.S in Clinical Research Leadership from the George Washington University.  She lives with her husband and two daughters in Newbury Park, California. Shelley has served on pre-school, softball, and diversity and inclusion boards at various times over the last fourteen years.

Shelley and her family were excited to join Lifesong Christian Communities Church that dedicates monthly time to serve in the community,.  Several years ago Lifesong starting serving with James Storehouse to help meet the needs of those in foster care. James Storehouse has stayed in Shelley’s heart and feels blessed with the opportunity to serve on the board.  She looks forward to applying her experiences to support the learning needs of the James Storehouse staff, board, volunteers, and those they serve, and to partner in securing grants that support the James Storehouse mission.